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Choosing a Protein Supplement

Protein Supplement

There are pure Top protein powders and powders that contain carbohydrates and fats along with proteins. Check the ingredients list on the box before buying and ensure that the protein supplement you are buying has low fat content.

Buy a quality product that has got positive feedbacks. It’s the matter of your body. Don’t compromise with quality.


Protein supplements that contain more natural protein are good for the body. Always read the ingredients label and check if the product you are buying has maximum natural content or not.

There are three basic types of protein namely concentrated, isolated and casein. Concentrated is a great source of protein and is digested at a moderate pace while isolated is digested quickly. Casein is digested the slowest. According to the time of the day you take your protein, you can choose which type to take when.

Rice protein and pea protein

When taken in a combined form, these two are considered one of the best sources of vegan protein supplements. The mixture is hypoallergenic, almost completely digested and promotes weight loss.

Your muscle’s catabolic process is stopped by the whey protein meal and this promotes synthesis of protein resulting in quicker muscle growth and recovery. For those who perform strength training workouts, a whey protein shake should be taken 30 minutes before exercise and another healthy meals one hour after exercise in treadmills to maximise the body’s muscle building potential.

Drinking a protein shake made of protein whey powders within 48 hours of performing resistance exercises will also benefit muscle protein synthesis, though in a lesser degree.

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