From shirts to coffee mugs to towels, practically anything can be turned into promotional products. The advantage of using products to advertise your business is its versatility and cost management. Small businesses can choose the less expensive but useful products like writing materials. Medium or big businesses can choose the more expensive promotional products like umbrellas or coffee mugs. The major advantage of using products as means of adverting is the unobtrusive factor because the customers do not view these products as advertising, other advantages are listed below:

1) Promotional products are very utilitarian. So keep in mind to stick to those products that they can find functional. A study has shown that 97% actually use the products while 3% says that they give the product to families or friends.

2) If you will give away promotional products that are utilitarian, they will always see the products and name recall or brand marketing is enhanced. In fact, a study has proven that 43% remember the name of the company who has given them freebies.

3) The customers will appreciate more if you will give them freebies or gifts. Rather than looking at these products as advertising scheme, the customers look at these products as gifts and this has a positive effect. They can show their appreciation by continuously patronizing your business.

4) Promotional products are great substitutes for business cards. The customers can see the name of your company more often.

How to choose the right products

There are many products to choose from but you have to practice extra care when choosing, lest you may only insult your customers. Remember that it is your company name and your reputation that is at stake so be choosey and only give high quality promotional products. Do not insult your customers by giving away senseless products.

1) Know who your target market is and then choose products that will appeal to them. For students, you can give them thumb drives, for sports enthusiasts, you can give them face towels, and so on and so forth.

2) Corporate promotional products must be durable so the customers won’t get turned-off with what you gave them. You can receive praises by giving high quality products. Even if you will give away less-expensive products, go for those that are made with good materials. By doing so, you earn the respect and loyalty of the customers.

How You Can Advertise Through the Use of Promotional Products