When having a pool in your house, it is important that it is not only maintained well, but that is also has pool fences and safety barriers as precautionary measures. House owners with a pool in their backyard are also liable for the maintenance and immediate repairs of these barriers or fencing.

If your pool barrier fails, there are a few reasons that would explain the occurrence after having conducted a pool fence inspection, a scrutiny-report performed by professional pool safety inspectors Brisbane.

One of the reasons for pool barrier failures, are the gates not latching from all entry-exit points. Another maybe due to the insufficient height of the pool safety barrier (the recommended height is 1200 mm) as a result of the overgrown flowerbeds.

Home Inspectors also suspect that the windows opening to the pool (if any) containing more than a 100 mm gap, are also a reason of barrier failure.

Finally, climbable objects adjoining the barrier or adjacent barriers containing climbable rails are also reasons that may cause pool barrier failures. Based on these reasons for pool barrier failures, during a pool fence inspection, the inspector will ask you to: either adjust or replace the pool gate hinges, to maintain the recommended height for the pool safety barrier of 1200 mm from bottom to top, clear off or trim flowerbeds or overgrown flora.

Other swimming pool barrier complaint methods recommended are: the removal of climbable objects from the area adjacent to the pool and within the immediate radius of the pool safety barrier and to fix security screens on windows opening out to the pool.

Pool owners must make sure to have the right pool fence and followed the regulations associated with it. Call pool fencing servcies for the best safety fences your pool requires.

Installing shade sails on your pool area can really help a lot in preventing sunight especially during summer. Too much exposure to sunlight is not good for our health. So, install shade sails for your convenience.

How a Pool Inspection Helps You Comply with the Guidelines