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Polished Concrete Is Not Always The Best Option

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a popular and is very versatile and can be used in a number of different situations and applications. There are so many benefits of selecting polished concrete floors Melbourne as your floors of choice for your home, office or factory. Of course as with everything in life, there are negative factors that relate to polished concrete flooring and nothing is every perfect.

Polished concrete floors are very hard and anything that happens to fall to the floor will surely shatter and break. Not many things can withstand a fall to such a hard surface. A fall to a polished concrete fall could really result in injury and sometimes even broken bones. These floors are not recommended in areas where children or the elderly often frequent as these are the age groups that are more prone to clumsiness and falls. Bumping your head to a surface as hard as this could result in severe injury.

Polished concrete floors retain heat on a warm day, while the sun is shining. This heat is radiated outwards reducing the need for additional heating. The problem is when the heat is lost, it becomes cold and hard.

Prolonged standing on these hard floors can wreak havoc on your joints, feet and back. Standing in queues on hard polished concrete floors can leave you exhausted.

Correct installation and sealing of your polished concrete floors is extremely important. If you want your floors to be long lasting and durable they need to be installed and sealed correctly. If this is not done then the floors will be more easily subjected to moisture creeping into the polished concrete floors. Moisture results in mold and mildew which starts in the pores of the concrete. Expansion and contraction of water within the pores of poorly sealed concrete can cause cracking in extremely cold areas.

Polished concrete floors do have amazing qualities and benefits that make this flooring system an attractive option. The floors are durable, long lasting, mark and scuff resistant and they reflect the light for a beautiful illuminating effect but as with all things, there are negatives and these factors must be considered when you are making a decision on whether or not this flooring is for you or not. Weigh up the options carefully and make your decision. If you ask me, the negative factors are by far outweighed by the positive factors and this low maintenance, classy flooring finish is perfect in every way.