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The kinds of fittings, hardware components and bathroom fixtures to be used by the plumbing agency should also be specified in the written agreement. The written agreement should also specify the kinds of bathroom accessories and finishes to be used in the project. All items described in the written agreement should come with a list of their own quality specifications.

Payment and Insurance

The project milestones should be coordinated with payment phases. Purchase price of materials, labor costs, surcharges and all indirect/hidden costs should be specified. Generally a mid level plumbing project will have a specific contract price which will include all charges.

Insurance coverage details should be specified in order to avoid legal and financial complications in event of any damage. The plumbing agency should have liquidity insurance to cover all structural damages. The value of the insurance bond should be higher than the total contract value. The written agreement should also have a section which deals with the resolution of disputes.

You should always keep a minimum warranty period of 1 year with appropriate coverage in case of commonly used construction materials. There should also be a warranty of one year on the labor installation charges onpipes, plumbing fixtures and tanks. You should make sure that the warranty has 100% transferability.

Types of services offered and years of experience

You may ask Plumbing about the number of years they have been in business. If you have a problem with your bathroom heating system, ask them “do you have experience in repairing bathroom heating systems?”.

Opt for Plumbers Ormeau as they have experience in dealing with specific problems which are relevant to you such as rainwater tank maintenance.

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