While installing pipes, there are plenty of options available to choose from- copper, rubber hose, black pipe and PVC amongst the other plumbing supplies. However, PVC and copper are the most popular options and there is plenty of debate on which of these is the best option for your home. PEX and PVC pipes are extremely popular but experts also recommend copper pipes for the number of advantages that they offer.

Why to choose copper pipes?

Majority of contractors and plumbers advocate the use of copper pipes over plastic pipes, but you need to consider your needs and requirements before you decide on the actual type of pipe that you want to install. Think about the kind of climate that you live in and the place where you will be fitting the pipes and according to that take the advice of experts.

For over 50 years now, copper pipes have been a rage in the world of plumbing supplies. Copper pipes are easy to work with since the installation is not only easy but also requires very few tools. The joining together of copper pipes with solder makes the joints strong and reliable. Copper piping can be availed in two types- flexible and rigid. The type is chosen according to particular requirements.

Flexibility and durability

Two of the most important features of a copper pipe are its flexibility and durability. The flexibility factor of copper pipes make them the first choice of installation in earthquake-prone areas as during some calamity they will flex and bend accordingly without breaking off.

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Copper Pipes Vs PVC Pipes