Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder which affects your ability to break up carbohydrates. As a result you are unable to get the energy you require for your daily activities. Eventually this will result in weakening of the muscles, obesity and malfunctioning of other organs.


Diabetes is basically categorized into two types.

    • Type 1: This type of disorder which develops in younger ages usually before the age of 40.
    • Type 2:In this type of diabetes the body cells develop a resistance to production of insulin.

Both types result in excess glucose n the blood. Type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1 is.


The main and most prominent symptoms of diabetes are:

    • Polyurea and dry mouth or excess urination and thirst
    • Excessive and voracious hunger
    • Unexplained weight gain
    • Fatigue
    • Blurring of vision
    • Slow healing of wounds
    • Frequent infections
    • Sports Injuries


When the two bones forming a joint move away from their position, it is known as dislocation. Dislocation is another common sports injury seen in sports such as basketball, rugby, fighting and other power sports.

Injuries such as the tennis elbow, runner’s knee injury are some of the other troublesome injuries which sports persons are seen inflicted with.

Acute and Chronic Injuries

Acute Injuries include sprain, hand fracture, a stained back. The common symptoms are swelling, inability to give weight on lower limb or dislocation as well.

Chronic injuries are those wherein constant pressure is given to a particular body part which may further take the shape of swelling, dullness and one easily getting injured.


Different sport injuries call for varied healing treatments.

For example if you have just suffered an ankle-injury, the doctor will examine whether is a high-ankle sprain. If so, then the doctor will advise you to restrict your movement, and do the recommended exercises to ensure the flexibility and strength of the muscle are intact.

Physiotherapy Sydney usually advise that it is important not to take a sports injury lightly as the symptoms could aggravate and worsen the problem.

Prevention is better than cure. Proper diet and workout will lessen the possibility of acquiring diabetes.

Physiotherapy for Diabetics