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The Pest Control Disadvantage

Pest Control

Pest and termite control are very important in the life of all home and business owners. Using chemical pesticides may have the advantage and are there would be disadvantageous. I will bring you to look over the disadvantage or the bad effect of using chemical pesticides. Of course, if there is an advantage there is always a partner which is the disadvantage.

The disadvantage of using pesticides as a pest control chemicals may cause harm to our environment, the chemical that they are using will be able to pollute our water from the underground water, which went to the seas and oceans that may kill some fish and other underwater creatures. If we try to look at the other side, this kind of chemical may cause a lot of harm, a harm that may kill a lot of life. Pesticides may cause a lot of disease in humans too, like insecticides and fungicides which is not good. Sometimes the disease cause death and some other illnesses that cannot be cured by the doctors. See how harmful chemicals affects our daily lives and how they distract our environment and we don’t even recognize that they really do harm to our ecosystem.

Way back years age, those decades and century water can be drink directly from the river, streams and from other form of water, but today’s generation, water can’t be drunk without filtration because of using a lot of pest control. Our drinking water needs to be under process before we can drink. Who made those things? Of course we as human, We have lots of natural resources that really help us to be able to have a better and simpler life, but as the years past, we are able to develop lots of things that became the reason of the distraction of our natural resources.

Working people, especially farmers have a high percentage of exposure of chemicals through pest treatment, every year it adds to the percent of people suffering from diseases. They may not be a have choice when they were working in the field, but can always make sure to protect themselves by using a protective equipment like chemical respirators. Though they were wearing those protective clothing, but still they can breath it through the air. The avoidance of exposure is very small that is why it is really very important that during the using of such chemical to be able to control all the pest, it is really very important that they really don’t forget to wear a chemical respirator to avoid inhaling the chemicals.

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