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Benefits of a Manicure


No doubt you keep your hands and nails clean. But getting a professional manicure is something else. There are a number of Nail Salons who offer manicures. Or you could get one at your beauty parlour.

When you get a manicure, the technician will first remove any stale polish and give your hands a good soak. Then she may rub lotion on your nails to remove the cuticles and give your hands a relaxing massage.


You should get a manicure done by a professional if only for the feeling of relaxation and being pampered. The nail technician gives your hands a massage service which not only relaxes you but exfoliates the skin of your hands and moisturises them.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Another reason to have your manicure done by Pedicure Manicure Hamilton Brisbane is that you need not worry about how your nails look. The technician will make sure that they turn out perfect. It is something they do 24 x 7. They know their job and know to what to avoid. Doing it at home may result in your making mistakes and you may end up with a professional anyway to correct them. And all your efforts would by to no avail.

Perfect Polish

You may have a variety of nail enamels and polish colours at home but the professional has more. The professional manicurist has to cater to all tastes and will stock all possible colours and shades. You can emerge from the salon with perfect nails painted in colours of your choice.

If you buy them yourself, you will be restricted by storage space, cost and the fact that it is not worth spending on them for one time use after which they are likely to dry up.

Perfect Design

If you paint your nails yourself you are likely to paint them in single or at the most 2 colours. Technicians at a nail salon or parlour are skilled in the art of nail design. You can choose from a variety of designs and they can paint your nails in a design of your choice which cannot be done at home or may not look as perfect as it would when done by a professional.