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Points To Remember When Using A Pass Through Dishwasher

Pass Through Dishwasher

Ever heard of a pass through dishwasher? Well for starters, it is not so different from the commercial dishwasher that we know. Maybe the size and some functionalities are quite different but the overall purpose is just the same, it is used to clean out our used dishwasher without a hassle and when it is done cleaning, drying and all, the utensils that was placed inside it are now ready to be used again. This is what most big restaurants have since they need their utensils to be cleaned well and in a nick of time need it to be ready for use again.

To guide you on how to use a pass through dishwasher form the very beginning, here are some guide tips for you.

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1. Read the manual.

For the installation process of the pass through dishwasher, it is important that you read the manual before doing so because you might miss out some things if you do not. There are a lot of things that should be in place when you are installing a pass through dishwasher so always take time to read the manual that comes with it.

2. Pre rinse all the s that you will be placing inside the pass through dishwasher.

After the installation is done properly, your dishwasher is now ready to be used but you can’t just put all your utensils into it without pre rinsing them because it is required. You need to scrape out all the foods that are on the plates before placing it inside the dishwasher. Make sure that you do this to all the utensils and not leave out one that still has some foods on it because germs can easily develop in a damp place like the inside environment of the dishwasher.

3. Put the utensils properly on the racks.

The kitchen utensils that will be placed inside the dishwasher should be put on the racks with enough spaces between them for the water to pass through. Do not overfill the racks just because you need a lot of utensils to get done. Tendency is that the utensils may not be cleaned properly and you might just have to repeat the process causing you to get really delayed on your target time of finishing washing the plates. Spaces are needed because here is where the water will pass and clean both sides of the utensils.

4. Always use the longest cycle time.

Most of the time we are in a hurry and we want this to be done is the fastest manner. But it is not advisable since it may not be able to clean all the utensils well. You only use the short cycle time when it is really necessary. But most of the time, the recommended cycle time is the longest. Besides, the water consumption will just be the same no matter what the cycle time is.

5. Add detergent.

When you are using a detergent, make sure that it is not too foamy and it should be what is necessary to be use in a dishwasher and glasswasher.

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