Kids can be moody at times and it’s not very easy to keep them occupied. You need to have stuff at the party spot to keep them occupied. The best thing would be to keep giant soft toys and inflatable toys at the venue so that kids can busy themselves by playing and having fun. This will keep them busy and out of trouble and you and the other adult guests can have some time to themselves too. You can bring out the stock of your old toys and also rent some for the party. You can also get a Mickey Mouse costume and dress up one of your friends in it to amuse the children.

Theme party supplies

If you have a generous budget then a theme party is the best thing that you can organise for your kids. A Mickey Mouse or a daisy duck theme will work well for your one year old kid. You can buy from party decorations and supplies. In most cases the party supplier will come and do the decorations for a small fee. Its best to offload the duty of decorating the party venue in a Disney theme to professionals so that you can fully concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Arrange for photographs

The birthday party for your precious one year old is not going to last for long as he/she is going to have a short attention span. One or two hours is the maximum time span for a birthday party for a one year old kid as they tend to get unsettled by all that attention. Arrange for a photographer with a good quality camera that can come and click some memories of the beautiful birthday party that will end soon.

The jumping castle is something that your kids and their friends will truly enjoy during the party. Look for one now!

Party Decorations