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Tips in Wall Painting Patterns

Wall Painting

Painters often use stencils to make a border around your walls. These borders enhance the look of the paint and give the room a new feel. You can choose a design which suits the décor, and the purpose of the room. In the dining or living area you can choose geometrical pattern with vivid colours or even colours in contrast with the wall colour. In the bedroom choose a mild shade or a darker shade than that of the walls and a more flowery pattern.

The Nursery

For the nursery you can ask the painters if they have stencils for story or cartoon characters. Nurseries should have a heat reflective paint to create a warm and playful atmosphere where the children can play contentedly.

The Rag Roll Effect

Painters also use a crumpled piece of rag or plastic to create a wall design. This gives the wall a slightly rough texture. What they do is paint over a portion of the wall and then roll a piece of crumpled rag or plastic over it creating a pattern with hand. They can even use multiple colours, painting the entire wall a basic colour first and then painting over with a different shade either lighter or darker than the basic colour and using a rag roll over it. You can even ask Painters to let the basic colour show in places to create a two dimensional look.

Send off positive vibes

When a customer walks into your office for the first time the first thing that he notices will be the condition of the exterior walls of your business premises. Even if there is some structural defect you can easily hire professional painters who can literally apply a fresh coat of paint over those defects.
Your customers are going to love the professional vibes coming out from your attractive office and they will automatically form a positive impression even before you have started pitching your business to them.

So, hiring Painters Brisbane are more like a marketing and branding investment for your business. Remember the old saying that “never judge a book by its cover” is not true anymore especially in business.