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How to Choose a Paint Colour?

Paint Colour

When it comes to painting your residential or business interiors, the plethora of colour options available can leave you dumbfounded. There are many people who are so unsure of what will and will not work with their decor that they choose to rely on the expert professional advice of colour consultants employed by reputable painting services companies.

Theme Colour

One easy way to choose a paint colour for your interiors is to select a theme colour. For example, if you choose a nautical theme for your son’s bedroom, it allows you to make liberal use of blue.

For a four walled bedroom, you can paint three of the walls in beige, sandalwood or pale yellow and choose a soft sky blue for the fourth wall, which will be the focal point of the room decor. Now dress up the room in a combination of beige/yellow and blue by choosing blue and beige rugs, blue vases, blue lamps, a blue and beige decorative bed linen set, blue and beige curtains and so on. The idea here is to select a favourite colour from your room decor accessories as the accent colour and then paint and decorate the room accordingly.

Bold and Dramatic Hues

If you want to add drama to your room walls, painting services companies recommend playing around with bright, bold shades such as red, purple, orange, lilac, black, golden yellow, mustard yellow, dark brown, fluorescent green or navy/dark blue. However, you have to offset this drama by choosing more muted colours for the other walls.

Sometimes you can see a chalky residue rubbing off on your fingers when you touch your outside walls. This is a sign that your wall paint is damaged.

Gaps in the trimmings, cracks in the caulking are also signals of deep rooted damage and shouldn’t be ignored.

You should not only focus inside of your house, pay attention to roof restoration as well.