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Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Opting for an outdoor wedding could be a novel idea for celebrating the most momentous event in your life. There could be several issues from choosing the venue to deciding on the music. It is crucial to plan well for the important day.

Decide on the Venue

Choose outdoor venue for holding a wedding. The site is spacious enough to accommodate your guests comfortably. It is vital to get a permit for the event from the local authorities. Get to know the rules regarding trash removal, lighting arrangements, permission for taking photographs and other issues.

Have a Backup Plan

While planning for a perfect outdoor wedding, get ready for a substitute plan to prepare against inclement weather on the special day. If you plan to have the ceremony and the reception for the guests in your patio, your home would be the natural choice for the stand-in option. If however, you choose a wedding venue far away from home, arrange for a sturdy tent. Make sure that you put up the tent securely to stand against the wind.

Decorations for the Event

Plan the decorations in keeping with the natural beauty of the place. Visit the location a few days prior to the wedding, to inspect the site. If there are not enough flowers blooming in the area, bring some potted plants on the day of the wedding. You may arrange for lights and ornamental lanterns, if you want the party to extend late into the evening.

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