Hiring an office cleaning service provider is more daunting than you think. But the good thing is that it always seems to pay off. Hiring a good, reliable and efficient commercial cleaning team is the best decision someone could take for the best interest of the business and employees. A clean office ensures healthy employees, clean environment and fresh atmosphere but how to hire office cleaning services?

When you start looking online, you’ll see a flood of office cleaning services in your area alone. Note down the contact details of a 4-5 cleaning service providers and start calling them. First thing you need to do is, interview them over the phone and engage in a general conversation, nothing too technical. After talking to the manager (or whoever is the concerned person) shortlist 3 cleaning companies that sounded most confident, professional and friendly. Invite them over for an on-site visit to the office building and ask for a price quote. Once you are aware of the services they provide, you might want to conduct a short interview.


Here are top 5 questions that you should definitely ask an office cleaning service provider.

Question 1: When would the cleaning team conduct the cleaning process?

It is important that you hire office cleaning services Sydney that are open to working as per the company’s liking which is, in most cases, after hours when the employees have left the office building. This ensures that the cleaning job is conducted and completed at night so the employees enter a clean and fresh office in the morning.

Question 2: What are your hiring guidelines?

This is a very vital question as you want trustworthy and professional cleaners conducting the cleaning task at your office. How and who office cleaning services company hire their cleaning team is important and there’s no harm in asking this crucial question. Ask them how they hire their employees as whether they conduct regular drug tests and whether it would be safe t leave them working after hours at the office building.

Question 3: What is your quality assurance guideline?

Ask them if they can guarantee quality satisfaction and what their guidelines are if the office cleaning services are not up to mark at the end of the cleaning session. Enquire if they send someone to take care of an undone job, or do they provide some sort of compensation.

Question 4: Are your employees covered?

This is one of the most vital questions and must be confirmed before signing the contract as you don’t want any liability on yourself or the business if a cleaner hurts himself while cleaning.

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Top Questions to Ask When Hiring an Office Cleaning Service