Have you ever heard of newborn photography? It is a kind of photography where the subjects are newly born babies. As maternity photography is getting more popular today, newborn photography is now also climbing up the charts as one of the most patronized shoots.

Babies have always been the cutest thing ever. Almost every one of us is fond of babies and we just can’t help ourselves but to appreciate how beautiful they are. What more if we imagine the mother of the baby? She must be really happy to have a beautiful and cute baby. She must be cuddling the baby all night, meeting its needs and making it feel comfortable. She must also be fond of taking pictures of her baby.

Nowadays, where social networking sites have now become one of our daily routines, we take pictures of everything that we think is worth taking pictures of and then posting it on our social networking accounts. Especially those first time mothers, they now do newborn shoots for their babies.

The babies of newborn photography are mostly sleeping. They are cute little creatures that look cute no matter what. All you need to do is be creative and pose for them. New born babies can easily be manipulated to do a pose since they are just sleeping. You can put their hands to wherever you like and or put them in wherever comfortable place you can, they will still look cute and you will still be able to capture a good picture of them.

Some common pose for baby during a photo shoot are the following:

Sleeping pose

Most of the photographers love to click a baby’s photo while sleeping. When asleep, babies look cute and adorable. You can wait for them to sleep as per their timings, or make them sleep during the shoot. You can get a few photos taken, before the baby wakes up. Once the baby is awake, you can have a few more photos taken.

Cuddled-up pose

You can also cuddle with them and provide them the warmth. This will make the baby smile or come up with other cute expressions or poses. Quickly have the photographer take the photos when your baby is reacting to your warmth and cuddle.

Tips for Newborn Photography