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The Penalties in Negligent Driving Offenses

Negligent Driving Offenses

Rash or negligent driving that potentially harms or injures fellow passengers or other people can result in your facing penalties which could be mild or severe depending on the severity of the negligence or crime. If you’re careless driving causes the death of an individual, then you could be staring at a prison term of nothing less than 10 years. Criminal lawyers can provide legal redress if you’re ever indicted for neglectful motoring.

Negligent driving categorizations

Offenses for negligent driving are grouped according to the severity or extent of injury caused. The least that you can expect is a court fine and the harshest penalty that you could be handed with is a prison term of 10 years which can go up to 14 years under exceptional circumstances.

Driving offences are broadly classified into three categories.

Reckless driving that leads to the death of a person is the category of offense that is the most grievous. The other two categories of offences are thoughtless driving not leading to death or causing grievous bodily harm (GBH), and irresponsible motoring resulting in GBH.

Convictions for driving negligence

Driving that neither causes grave bodily injuries nor kills someone is the only negligent driving crime that does not automatically lead to disqualification. It’ll upto to the court’s discretion to fix the disqualification period or whether a disqualification timeframe will be required in the first place. This is the mildest of all driving offenses that carries a monetary penalty of $ 1,100 (maximum).

Uncontrolled driving that might cause someone to suffer serious physical injuries can give rise to the occasion where the court directs you to pay a maximum pecuniary penalty of $2,200 and $3,300 for first and second or successive offences respectively.