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What You Need to Know About Roller Blinds

Know About Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a type of window treatment that opens vertically. Unlike Venetians, they do not have panels or slats. Instead, they’re made of fabric that rolls up into a compartment head. They’re a suitable choice for homes and businesses alike.

What are the types?

This window treatment comes in a variety of designs. The difference lies in the fabric and modes of operation. The most common types are:

Blackout – Blackout varieties are very opaque. They’re made to completely prevent sunlight from entering a room. With extra foam insulation between fabrics, they are best for people who want to control lighting inside a room, regardless of the time. Because they can be thick, these are also effective insulators.
Sunscreen – Sunscreen types aren’t opaque. They moderately provide shade, whilst still allowing sunlight to pass through. They are made with UV resistant qualities. This allows the user to enjoy natural daylight without worrying about possible skin damage. It also serves to control heat. Even on sunny days, you can enjoy the bright sun without adding to the cooling costs.
Translucent – This type of window covering is best for those who prefer natural daylight. They completely let light in whilst giving the user a degree of privacy. This type of blind is ideal for living areas and patios.
Dual purpose – Also known as the Day/Night blind, these give the user more options. They’re fitted with both a blackout fabric and a translucent blind. This is perfect for users who want a more versatile window treatment.

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What are the operating modes?

The traditional design for this window covering operates with a chain mechanism. It runs through the frame of the treatment. When the chain is pulled, the fabric rolls up. The chain locks into place with springs. This allows the user to control the degree of openness. Newer models are motorised. The window covering is controlled by an electronic mechanism, which automatically rolls up and down when controlled by a remote. This makes it easier to control.