If the accident was minor you can either choose to let it go and drive off or take pictures for future disputes. If the accident was due to negligent driving, in order to be on the safer side it helps to document the accident. Note down the events leading up to the accident and click pictures of the road, cars and other aspects around you.

Your pictures will act as proof in the court of law should you choose to pursue a case.

Wait for the cops

It is always better to wait until the cops arrive if the accident was not severe. Once they reach the spot of the accident you can discuss what to do next with their help. The police officers will take down your details and those of the others involved in the accident. It will help them in the future should there be need to stake claims in the court of law. Check out Motor Accident Lawyers

Exchange contact information

For insurance claims and purposes it helps to exchange contact details with the others involved in the accident. Should the accident be the result of the other driver’s negligence, his contact information will be important in order to claim insurance.

If there were other people around who witnessed the accident then it will additionally help to exchange contact details with them. Their input will come in use while making claims for compensation or during a legal battle if any.

Minor accidents happen all the time. If you are ever in one, start by staying calm and focus on the problem at hand before anything else.

Minor Car Accident