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Tips for Taking Care of Your Mattress


A good night’s sleep is difficult without a good mattress to give you the comfort and support you require. Your mattress can last for years and be a source of relaxation provided you take care of it. Otherwise, you will find yourself suffering through the night.

Inspect the Mattress

A clean mattress is of the utmost importance to avoid the presence of unwanted insects and other bugs that are attracted to filth. Therefore, be sure to examine the naked mattress for stains, infestations and surface soils. You can protect your mattress against stains by covering it with a mattress cover, which also reduces the risk of infestations. Also, be sure to check for small tears; if the tears grow, they will turn to huge rips, which will spill out the contents of a good mattress.

Rotate the Mattress

Turning over your mattress is the best way to avoid the sagging spots that show up from the constant weight applied when you sleep in that one spot. Keep turning the mattress from left to right, back to front and up to down so each angle of the mattress experiences stress. Repeat this action every season, or once every month.

If you notice sagging, you can fix the problem by enhancing the support under the mattress by either adding a box spring or multiple slats.

Don’t put your mattress on a broken down base, or an old one. The best kind of bed frame for your mattress is one with a rigid centre to support all angles of the box spring.