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Maintaining Your Rainwater Tank

Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks are barrel-like devices that collect and maintain rainwater that is collected, most often, from rooftops through rain gutters. Some water tanks are in-ground and are used to maintain the storm water for later use. The tanks are a good way to conserve and use water especially in Australia which is the driest continent in the world.

Water stored in the rainwater tanks has many uses including washing, drinking, watering gardens and agriculture. Although they have a high initial investment, the uses and return on the investment are manifold.

Install a filter

Rainwater tanks are outdoor devices and are exposed to the dangers of droppings of birds and animals, small sized animals falling in etc. It is important to install a filter between the pump and the outlet or tap. This keeps away the dirt and lets out filtered water.

Most infections and illnesses are caught through the water you drink. Make sure to procure a filter that suits your needs and, more importantly, the kind of rainwater tank that you have installed.

There are two broad types of filters available. If you use the water for indoor use (like washing, cooking and drinking) the fine filtration system is ideal. This system filters the bacteria from the water and keeps away infections caused by bird or possum droppings in the water.

If you use the water for outdoor use (washing cars or watering plants) a sediment control system is ideal. This is a simple yet effective filter that will help keep out the fine sediment which can be detrimental to your plumbing system.