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Are Locksmiths Really Necessary?


Let us acknowledge one thing: if you are thinking about locksmiths, you probably do not feel as safe as you would like. While the majority of modern home security improvements are mostly there as a deterrent rather than an actual defense mechanism, and mostly serve to make you feel safer than you really are, there are some things that can be done to actually improve your safety on top of your security issues.

For one, the easiest entry points are almost always doors and windows; locksmiths can help you with those, but only to a point. Sure, having a strong lock or a fancy alarm system feels nice, but if the door or the window are not strong enough to buy you time until the police arrive, you might find yourself is some serious trouble. Make sure the door is sturdy enough, opt for either quality wood or reinforced steel, depending on the kind of neighborhood you live in. Hollow wood is not going to stop a determined attacker no more than that fancy lock you had your locksmiths install the other day.

Also, make sure the hinges are on the inside, and that there are no gaps around the door; if there are, a burglar could use a crowbar or something to pry them open or bust the hinges. Also, check the garage door to make sure people cannot sneak under while it closes – especially if your garage door is electric. The one part locksmiths can help you with is the quality of locks, especially deadbolt locks and the like.

Now, a determined burglar might be prepared for any eventuality, but you do not have to make it any easier for them, do you? Do not leave your ladder around the house, and make sure there are no tree branches too close to your house. Remove excess foliage so burglars have nowhere to hide and plant some low, thorny bushes below your ground-level windows. Some additional light cannot hurt, either; thieves love the dark. Lights connected to motion sensors are the perfect feature, as they save energy and can even spoil the plans of more inept intruders.

Be wary of strangers offering free inspection and such; do not let them in without an ID or before you check with their company. In the event your house or flat gets invaded, do not try to be a hero. Let the police do their job. Other than that, consider getting a dog – provided you meet all the criteria. Dogs are more effective deterrents than locksmiths, after all. Then again, a dog cannot install a patented key control or an Electronic Access Control Unit.