Line markings may often not noticed by everyone but without these markings, our world or our system will surely work very differently. There will be a chaos on the roads, on car parks and even in basketball courts. These line markings play a very important role in the society because this is what determines everyone’s place on the road, on the car parks or whereever you see these line markings. This is what keeps people from violating each other and keeping them safe at all times if everyone will obey the line markings. Everything will surely run smooth if these line markings are obeyed by everyone.


On the road.

Line markings on the road are very important because of the fact that it divides the road and put everybody in their respective lanes. There are left and right lanes and even lanes for bicycle and walkers so that everyone will know their place and no one will get into an accident by being bumped or crashed by two big cars or get hit by a motorcycle. Without these line markings, there will be a lot of accidents that can happen and everyone will just go to whereever lane they wish to take simply because there is nothing to follow. They will just think that it is okay to go anywhere on the road because there is no lane to put them where they belong. There will surely be a serious traffic congestion that would hassle everybody, not just those who have brought their vehicles with them but even those who are travelling by foot. If there are emergencies, getting to the destination will surely be impossible without these line markings.

In game courts.

Just like when you are on the road, line markings on game courts are also very important because these also divide the court into two sides that would determine the territory of each player or team. Scoring will be very difficult without these line markings since no violation will be made when the players cross each other’s court. Line markings in courts determines the safe territory of each team thus disciplining them in staying on in their respective territories. In basketball for example, you can’t get out of the court or cross the line while you are holding the ball because you will automatically commit foul if you do. Lines also determine the score points of each ball that got inside the ring. Without the help of line marking Wollongong, scoring will surely be impossible or erroneous.

On carparks.

There have been a lot of issues in car parks like getting someone else’s paking slots or parking too close to another car which makes it very difficult for the other to open their car doors. With line markings visible on carparks, these problems will not be encountered since they will have their own respective car parking slots with enough space away from each other to give them a convenient in and out of their car whenever they wish.

Importance of Line Markings