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Finding A Flight That Gives You Value For Money

Finding A Flight

When booking your tickets keep an eye on the baggage allowance on the fight and any extra fees added by the carrier. Before flying, make sure you pack properly and wisely. Last minute packing often means that you end up carrying more clothes and accessories than you actually use on the trip but with proper planning you can cut down on the extras and save up on baggage fees.

Use comparison sites but don’t book through them

If you do not have a particular airline that you would like to book for your flight experience, you can try out various airlines from comparison sites. But be careful not to book through these sites. This is because these comparison sites add additional charges to the flight fares. This way you do not actually save up on fares even when the comparison site shows you the cheapest deal. It would always be better if you were to book the tickets directly yourself.

Dreamliners – A plane that cares for your health

Boeing 787 is fit with high efficiency particulate air filters that help to remove bacteria, virus and fungi. With the help of air filters designed to remove odors, passengers will not have to endure the smell of airline meals for too long.

No more air-sickness

The cabins of Boeing 787 are pressurized at 6000ft so that the passengers do not suffer from air sickness. Pressurizing the cabin at lower altitude helps the passenger’s bodies to absorb more oxygen.