If you are thinking of redoing your home, it is advisable to study the current design trends so you can give your home a more modern look. While you may have your own ideas in place or hired a draftsman to create a plan, it is always better to consider what is in fashion as well.

Perth Interior Design can help you design a new room or modernize your home based on the latest trends and fashions. Furthermore, the great part about current interior design trends is that they are not always expensive.

Blinds, not curtains

One of the major current interior design trends involves getting rid of curtains and installing window blinds. While the initial cost of putting up blinds around the house maybe higher than making curtains, in the long run they are far more beneficial.

Curtains have a charm of their own but blinds give the room a cleaner, neater and sophisticated look. As a result, most interior designers prefer to design new houses and rooms with blinds and not curtains these days.

Furthermore, blinds are much easier to maintain than curtains. For instance, you don’t have to wash it as often, nor do you have to iron them out. The only downside is that once the ropes of the blinds get spoilt or stuck, you will have to wait for a professional to come fix it.

Limited furniture, lots of space

Another major interior design trend is limited furniture to make room for more space. In the past, people chose to have bulky sofa sets, beds and cabinets. However, not only did that kind of design eat up into the actual space, it also made homes look clustered. Nowadays, interior designers are choosing limited furniture with smart cuts. Read Bathroom Vanities

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Current Interior Design Trends