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Services Of Alphasan Washroom Services

Washroom Services

Alphasan Washroom Services is a company that is family owned. Just as their business name states, they cater to washroom services and that include supplies, installations, sanitary disposal, insect control dispensing and still many others. Their bottom line is to make sure that your washrooms will be totally clean and with constant supplies like toilet papers and many others. You see, in a typical office or business establishment, no matter how small it is, the washroom is one of the most visited area. The thing is, not only that the staffs will use this but also your customers and clients. And mind you, even if they use your washrooms for free, they still talk if they don’t like what they see. And knowing that you are in a tough competition, dirty washrooms, is surely such a bad idea. After all, people will make sure that they are clean after using this area.

If you will hire Alphasan Washroom Services though, then your washrooms will be assured. Your employees will be more productive and your customers will surely like it if they can use cleaner and more comfortable washrooms. Alphasan Washroom Services have been in this business for a number of years already and they offer some services that are really useful to businessmen like you. Here are their offered services:

– Sanitary disposal. And they will really do this in the most modern way through the use of their hi-tech femcare system. What is this? This is an electronic method in dealing with sanitary disposal. This is incorporated with hand sensors so that there is no need for you to really touch it. It will open on its own once it can detect a hand nearby. The design is contemporary and sleek so that it will surely find a place even in the narrowest cubicle.

– With the femcare system, about 99.5% of bacteria will be eliminated from your toilet cubicle. And another good thing is the ingredients used to sanitized the device is made from all natural products thus you can’t say that they can generate harmful elements to the air. If you want the cheaper version, they can also provide the manual version of their femcare system. Everything is actually just as is instead that it will not open on its own. It means the sensor aspect is gone but active ingredients will be added to the inner part of the unit so that you can still tough it without polluting yourself.

– They will also provide hand sanitizer dispensing that is of the latest technology. They are well aware that washing your hands is the most important thing to do after going into a toilet cubicle. With them taking care of your washrooms, every supply that will be needed will be replenished regularly or as often as you require.

So, to make your business place cleaner, hire Alphasan Washroom Services. Check out their online link and give them a call. Visit hygiene services  Melbourne. For sure you will be too happy you learn about them.