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Home Theatre Installation

A home theatre is one of the most important entertainment options you will have in your home. You are likely to spend hours immersed in the viewing experience of your home theatre so you should take care to ensure that your theatre is installed I the correct location.

Whether your home theatre is a simple 27 inch screen with a box video or a sophisticated state of the art system with video projectors and powerful speakers; you should consult a home theatre installers before deciding on where to install it.

Room size and lighting

If your home theatre is really big, you need to place it in a large room or else you will find it difficult to achieve an optimum visual effect. In fact, while purchasing a home theatre, the first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the room you are going to place it in. However, regardless of the size of the room there are a few other factors you should pay attention to.

Look at the amount of natural light in the room. Too much or too little light both tend to hamper the viewing experience. Ask your home theatre installation guys about the optimum amount of ambient light suitable for your home theatre system.

Placement of Home theatre accessories

Another important decision you will have to take is how to place your home theatre system? Do you want to place the speakers and the video projector in an open space or do you want to install the components in a suitably sized cabinet. You can also consider installing your speakers in the wall or embedding it into your ceiling.

The position of the sound system should not be decided randomly because only an acoustically correct placement will give you a proper “theatre” like experience. Ask your Home Cinema install Brisbane about the correct position for installing your home theatre components.

Sound is generally incorporated in the home theatre system with an amplifier/preamplifier combination or an AV receiver. An AV receiver will consist of an internet radio, radio tuner and a high definition radio. Only a professional home theatre installation expert can understand the technicalities of your sound system and guide you in its proper placement and installation.

Connection cables

This is the trickiest part in installing a home theatre. However good your home theatre system might be, it’s not going to function unless the wiring and cabling is perfect. You should first check that you can manage to connect the colour coded cabling properly in the room you have chosen for home theatre installation. The length, type and size of the cable will depend upon the size of your home theatre and available area in the room.

Furniture placement and comfort

Ensure that you have a comfortable sofa and padded chairs at a proper viewing distance from your home theatre. You should think carefully about where you would be sitting in relation to the video screen image. The best way is to ask a home theatre installation expert to come and inspect your home, prior to installation for suggesting the proper placement of your home theatre.