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Home Renovations- Focusing on the Bathroom

Home Renovations

If you want your bathroom to look fresher, here are some home renovations tips on how to make your bathroom a better looking area in your home.

Buying a bathtub

The choices for bathtubs these days are very varied. Depending on your budget, bathtubs come in different sizes and with different features. Home renovations for the bathroom are considered to be very expensive because of the cost of bathroom fixtures, including the bathtub. To know if the bathtub is comfortable, sit on it when making a decision. Check the length and the width if it conforms to your body built. Soaking in the tub is supposed to be a very relaxing ritual, thus, the shape of it should conform to your body.

Elegant fixtures

Fixtures need not be expensive, it is all a matter of finding the right fixture that blends well with the home renovations for the bathroom that you intend to do. Avoid choosing blocky cabinets as this style is not considered a classic. Instead, opt for the fixtures with sleek and simple lines.

Bathroom flooring

When choosing flooring or tiles for your home renovation in the bathroom, the most important factor to consider is the anti-slip type of flooring, especially if you have kids and senior citizens at home. This kind of bathroom flooring has some grainy texture to it that prevents slipping. Now if you prefer to use ceramic tiles for your home renovations in the bathroom, then opt for the glazed tiles as these have some resistant properties against odor, stains, scratches, and moisture.

The shower area

The trend in the shower area now is the non-use of shower curtains or shower door. The idea is to allot a bigger space for the shower area so the water from the shower head will not splatter on the other side of the bathroom. For your home renovations in the bathroom, the wall-mounted shower head prevents splashing of too much water.

The light

The kind of light you will use will add another dimension or depth when doing home renovations in the bathroom. It can make the bathroom look softer depending on the dimness of the lighting fixture. You can make a bathroom look romantic and relaxing depending on the light you will use.


Do not consider the cost when it comes to the toilet. You may buy a cheaper toilet but in the long run, it could only give you headaches as it may easily cause leakage. Invest on a good toilet and choose the elongated style as it is more comfortable than the round one.

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