High income earners who work in specific professions and take home loans of $250,000 or higher are usually offered special packages by the most renowned lenders. Professional packages can include fee reductions or waivers on switches, top ups and valuations; discounts on various kinds of insurances; discounted or free savings accounts and offset: availability of a maximum of 4 credit cards with zero annual fees and discounts on rate of interest on home loans of variable rates.

Professional packages are ideal for you if you want to throw in a few fixed rates, require multiple splits, use a credit card, are borrowing an amount greater than $250,000 and would alter your borrowing.

Low Document Loans

Initially, it was only the non-banking financial institutions which offered low doc loans, but now traditional banks are also chipping in to capture the market. There are many successful self-employed professionals with assets and high incomes. But they cannot furnish the necessary tax returns or financial statements while applying for traditional home loans.

These are the types of people for whom this flexible low doc loan option has been created. However, the loan fees and rates of interest are significantly higher.

Some other types of home loans that home builders usually recommend are reverse mortgage, bridging loans and equity line or line of credit.

New Build Home

Ask construction company Brisbane if they build a state of the art energy saving technique, so your house remains comfortably warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Newly built energy efficient homes can help save you thousands of dollars each year on energy bills and this is considered as the second biggest advantage of purchasing new houses.

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Mortgage for Your New Home – Professional Packages