Most homeowners love their pets dearly but sometimes pets can do a lot to spoil their beautiful fabric upholstered furniture. Pets can not only damage the appearance of your furniture but can also contaminate the upholstery with bad odour. Most pets have a special fondness for scratching and clawing at the furniture legs and handles leaving them with indelible marks. Pet dogs and cats will climb up on the furniture upholstery without wiping their feet and will leave shreds of their fur everywhere.

Controlling pet odour

Urine is the most damaging fluid that can penetrate the upholstery of your furniture with bad odour and corrosive chemicals. The urine can seep in right into the core of the upholstery so you will have to do serious damage control before the fluid has a chance to dry and settle in permanently.

First use a super absorbing dry towel to soak up the urine or fluid as much as possible. Your next step should be to pour about 100 ml of water into the affected area and then again blot it up with tissue. You should fold up a clean towel into half size or quarter size and then put it directly on top of the affected area. This will help pull up the diluted urine by its absorbent action.

Sample Cleaning

Before starting cleaning the whole furniture, you should try the cleaning on a small part of furniture. Sample cleaning will give you hint, whether the solution you are using is right or not. You should hire a professional cleaner in doing this to avoid damage in it.

If you find that sample cleaning is not going in right direction, it’s a clear indication that there is some flaw in your cleaning process. Sample cleaning will make things clear in front of you, and help you decide, whether it’s feasible for you to hire a professional Furniture upholsterer or not.

Furniture upholsteries need to be maintain by professionals. On the same token, home renovation should only be done by experienced builders.

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Protect Your Upholsteries