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How to Hire High Rise Sign Installation and Repairs Services

High Rise Sign Installation

High rise sign installation and repairs are needed for billboards, LED lights and other marketing tools located in risky heights. However, these services can’t be performed by regular technicians. If you’re looking for a team to work on your signs, these tips should help.

Get someone IRATA certified.

All technicians who work in heights need to be certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). They are an international standard in rope access services. The organisation’s methods are unparalleled when it comes to safe and effective work. Those who are trained by IRATA know the best procedures to ensure each job is correctly performed.

The higher your signage is, the more training your service provider should have. These have three levels of certification. Whilst Level 1 technicians can perform low-risk jobs, it’s still best to get someone with a Level 3 certification. Having an expert ensures you’re getting the best service possible.

Keep in mind that in all rope access jobs, you’ll need the technician, as well as an IRATA certified supervisor. Before hiring anyone, you can easily look for their qualifications in the organisation’s database. This will show you their training background, and the types of jobs they’re qualified to do. This also verifies their background.

Do you need an electrician?

Professionals in this field can have different specialisations. Some are suited to regular signage work, making them perfect for billboards. However, if you need work on anything that runs on electricity, you’ll need a fully certified rope access electrician. Not everyone can perform work on electronics. You’ll want someone who knows how to do the job safely.

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Look for insurance.

Both you and the contractor should have insurance against accidents and other liabilities. This feature keeps you and the worker safety and ensures that they’ll get proper care should something bad happens. Most businesses will have some type of policy implemented, but it’s still best to see if everything’s covered.