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A Guide to Painting Your Home’s Exteriors

Home’s Exteriors

Painting the exteriors of your house can be an exciting and memorable experience for the entire family. Depending on how well you approach the task at hand, a fresh coat of paint can refresh your home and surroundings and lift your spirits like nothing else. Builders in the Sunshine Coast do the job properly which involves meticulous planning, budgeting and selecting the right heat reflective roof paints and colours for your roof and walls.

The Groundwork

It is essential to have the right tools in order to have a satisfactory result. You will require coarse, fine and medium type of sandpaper along with a paint scraper or paint stripper to remove the existing paint thoroughly. Keep handy gloves, overalls, rags, dust mask and goggles in addition to the right types of brushes.

You will need mineral turpentine, paint stirrer and paint pad to get the right consistency of paint before applying your coats. To smoothen out the layers, you must have spray guns, roller trays, roller frames, roller handle extensions, edging tools, filling knives and enough quantity of putty. A ladder is absolutely essential.

Preparing the surroundings

The yard and garden around your house needs to be protected from the typical hazards of a paint project. Tie back your carefully manicured plants to protect from dust or debris which are so common while peeling off existing paint.

Cover outdoor equipments, furniture, vehicles and driveways etc so that these are not damaged by paint splatters. Also, you must ensure that you have a clear ground all around so that if you do slip accidentally from the ladder, you will not hurt yourself terribly.

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