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Difference Between Heat Reflective Coatings And Insulation Coatings

Heat Reflective Coatings And Insulation Coatings

Heat reflective coatings were first designed in Germany and have been actively tested in the Australian outback for their performance. Needless to say, the technology has been found to significantly lower the temperature inside a house (by up to twenty percent) from the moment the coating is dry and starts its reflective action.

Insulating coatings – are they better?

Remember space shuttles? They have a layer of highly heat-resistant ceramic tiles on them that protect the shuttle’s interior from the heat it experiences when entering or leaving the earth’s atmosphere. Insulating coatings are based on this high heat resistant and insulating capacity of ceramics.

The paint consists of ceramic microspheres – very small particles of ceramic material mixed with the paint – that are supposed to reflect heat and insulate the house. However the layer of insulating paint is only twice the thickness of a normal coat of paint and is of hardly any use in heat reduction. Also, these paints do not contain any infrared pigments that reflect heat carrying waves which are the major source of the sun’s heat.

It may sound cool to live in a house that resembles a space shuttle from NASA but if you have decided to make your house truly heat resistant, then a heat reflective coating is what you need. It reflects back thermal waves, is environment friendly, and completely true to its promise of providing you a naturally cooled home in an easy manner.

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