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Industrial Deafness Compensation

Industrial Deafness

Exposure to certain working environment may cause deafness to the worker. When an employer is working in unsafe working condition, it may result in short term or long term disabilities and health problems. The employer must provide healthy working condition by implementing the safety measures as per the industry standards. If an employee is suffering from any kind of health problem due to exposure to unsafe working condition, the employer must pay the compensation for it. Industrial deafness in quite common in many employees and they experience tinnitus or loss of hearing when they are exposed to the industrial noise for prolonged time. Such employees are entitled for industrial deafness claims.

Hearing loss can happen for a short time or in some cases the hearing loss is permanent. Industry workers who are exposed to different sound frequencies for a prolonged period may have hearing problems or complete loss of hearing. When an industry worker get exposed to noise more that 75 – 80 decibels for a prolonged time period he/she is likely to develop temporary hearing loss. Those who work at concerts or regularly work with loud sound producing machineries are at risk to such hearing problem. When temporary loss of hearing happens, the person has dull hearing or may hear muffled sounds. If not treated in time this temporary loss of hearing may become permanent. An employer must provide industrial deafness compensation to the victims of this temporary hearing loss for the time and money they are investing for the treatment.

Permanent loss of hearing happens gradually. When an industrial worker is working in an environment of loud sound for more than 10 years, chances of permanent hearing loss is there. When deafness is permanent, it is not reversible and person becomes unable to work. When tinnitus happens, the person hears roaring, hissing, buzzing, whirling and ringing sound inside the ear and exposure to industrial noise is one of the reasons of tinnitus. Another condition that is caused due to improper working condition is acoustic trauma. When one or many loud noises occur within a short time period, it may cause trauma for example, an explosion caused at the work place, the sound of gun fire etc. Such sounds may perforate the ear drums and cause acoustic trauma. Such victims are also supposed to get industrial deafness compensation.

Treating trauma, tinnitus or hearing loss due to adverse working condition incur lots of money and in many cases continuous treatment is not possible for the industry worker due to heavy medical cost. Claims can be made by the victims of industrial deafness. There are many legal firms that help such victims to get industrial deafness compensation without any hassle.