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Common Causes for Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects several people throughout the world. In most cases, people may be born with healthy hearing abilities and might suffer from reduced hearing abilities as they age. Sometimes, hearing loss may also be attributed to several other external factors. Genetics has not often been the cause of hearing loss as much as external factors not related to general health and well being. If you suffer from reduced hearing abilities due to your work environment you can always seek the help of personal injury lawyer to make medical claims.

Extreme noise

Although most people do not realize it when they are young, extreme high levels of noise can in fact affect hearing over the years. Even simple forms of noise due to various entertainment forms like loud music may lead to hearing loss.

Furthermore, people who work at heavy machinery and industrial processing units may also suffer from hearing loss due to the loud decibels that machines run at. In this case it is important for owners of manufacturing plants to provide employees with basic protective hearing gear. If not, employees have the right to hire personal injury law firms to fight a full-fledged case against negligence.

Common cold and cough

Build up of fluid in the middle ear may also lead to hear loss in some cases. This fluid build up may be the effect of a long common cold or even due to travel on airplanes.

Noncancerous growths

Noncancerous growths of any kind on the ear canal may affect the ear and eventually hearing. With regular medication this can be treated though.