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A Guide to Mature Women’s Workwear for Winter

Women’s Workwear for Winter

With Christmas happening in less than 100 days, women don’t have to cover themselves up with layers and layers of clothing whilst losing their sense of style. With winter approaching, here is a guide to mature women’s workwear and how they can rock the holidays in style:

Go for Bold Prints

There’s no doubt that cowl tunics are going to be a thing this winter. But why go for just the regular plain coloured ones? Try ones with a bold colour and design. That way, the look stands out even if one’s wearing something that is considered basic. Layer it with some good old leggings and ankle length boots and the look is complete!

Same goes for opting for the classic hooded jacket look. Go for the ones with an eye-catching print to it, partnered with a plain-coloured top and dark denim.

Rock a Modern Cardy Look

Whoever started the “Cardigans are Over” party obviously need a raincheck on their fashion sense. To rock a modern cardigan for mature women’s workwear, choose a plain and curve-embracing cardigan. Avoid ones that have intricate design and ones that extend far down from the hips. Next, partner it with a patterned pull-on skirt, preferably ones that extend right the bottom of the knees and with a plain, fitted top. Finish the look with some ankle length booths or classic pointy high heels.

Match Splice Tunic with The Right Scarf

A splice tunic encompasses simplicity and boldness in one. What can boost or destroy this look would be their choice of accessory. The best accessory to match this with is with a classy look: a plain scarf. Make sure their scarf matches the plain colour of their splice tunic. Complete the look with a pair of black leggings and knee-high black boots.

One last fashion tip: All bold colours look well when they’re balanced with the dark ones.

With the right choice of clothing, women can show that they don’t need to wait for Christmas to wear something nice. Andiamo specialise in mature womens workwear so shop and browse their website today.