Kitchen splashbacks are often employed by home or restaurant owners for the purpose of protecting their walls from getting stained and ruined while they are cooking. There are three common materials used as splashbacks, namely glass, steel and acrylic. Each has their own advantages as well as distinct effects which may be necessary in making an impact of the overall view of the kitchen.

Steel kitchen splashbacks are common sights in homes and restaurants. This is a popular choice because steel gives a professional and smooth appearance, making the kitchen look crisp and modern. It is easy to clean as steel splashbacks as it is impervious to cooking related splashes such as oil and all it needs is a wipe down with a cleaning solution to get rid of the marks and still look brand new. Another advantage to steel kitchen splashbacks is that they are easy on the budget and is easily cut by manufacturers to fit the exact measurements required by the clients. Steel splashbacks also comes in different styles such as the plain and circles. These may be a plus in the overall appearance of the kitchen.


Making its way up the popularity list of choices when it comes to kitchen splashbacks is glass. Like steel, it is highly easy to clean. With glass splashbacks Perth, it comes in a multitude of colors and sizes that will definitely appeal to clients who want a well-designed kitchen. Pink, green, blue and red are just the basics when it comes to glass splashbacks. The rest is up to the imagination of client who wants a colorful kitchen. Another advantage of glass splashbacks is that it disallows the growth of mold as it is airtight. The only drawback of glass is that it can get broken should something come into a forceful impact with it and it is, no doubt, expensive.

Acrylic kitchen splasbacks are still one of the best options to date in regards to choosing splashbacks. Acrylics have the upper hand when it comes to kitchen design because these, can often come hand-in-hand with countertop designs. If the acrylic is a recent acquisition and is separate from the countertop set, the client can certainly have fun choosing the right one because just like glass, acrylic kitchen splashbacks come in a plethora of colors. It is also durable as it can withstand scratches and scrapes, and it is assured to last for a very long time.

Common Types of Kitchen Splashbacks