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A Guide to Buying Glass Pool Fence

Buying Glass Pool Fence

Pool fencing systems are now mandatorily used outside all commercial, shared and public pools. A very popular option in pool fences is a glass pool fence. Structurally they consist of shafts composed of processed glass joined at the hinges by non ferrous material. However in spite of the internal similarity, not all glass fences are the same. You should know some basic facts about the different types of fences before you go out shopping for one.

How to locate a good service provider?

Getting your fencing installed by a good agency is very important for the safety of your pool and its users. There are a few things you can do to determine the authenticity and quality level of a glass pool fencing service provider.

Check whether the particular agency is a member of swimming pool and Spa Association (SPSA) or the Masters Builders Association (MBA). Belonging to any good association will mean that the agency adheres to certain standards of service.

Get multiple service quotations from different parties before you shortlist a few. Cheaper doesn’t equal better here as bad service quality will mean increased safety risks for the pool users. Go for a reputed agency with a good service track offering products at a standard rate. Make sure to have Pool fence inspections Brisbane check fences installed.

The standard cost of a typical glass pool fence will be around $92 plus installation charges. If you have plans of getting other work done by a particular pool fencing company, you can ask for a special discount.


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