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Things to Check Before Getting a Skip Bin Hire

Getting a Skip Bin Hire

Although seeing trash bags on the sidewalk is a normal thing because it’s an easy way for trash collectors to pick the neighbourhood’s garbage and dump it in their truck. But still, there are certain drawbacks to it. Aside from not being the most pleasant thing to see on the streets, it can also cause various health hazards. Luckily, there is a skip bin hire service that provides a cost-effective, safe and practical alternative for managing waste so you can rest assured that you have a clean office.

Here are things to check before renting skip bins for your home or office:


As skip bins come in different sizes, its restrictions also vary. And since each type of bin has its limits, it’s your job to adjust to segregate your garbage and know which items aren’t allowed to be thrown inside. You should also find out how much garbage can one bin accommodate.

Speaking of limits, be sure to not how much trash you accumulate in a month. Once you’ve done that, opt for a size bigger than what you need to prevent a garbage overflow.

Type of Waste

It’s not the skip bin company’s job to segregate your trash for you. Therefore, it helps to be aware of the different types of waste for you to make become ecological in your trash disposal.

Here are various types of waste people tend to accumulate regularly:

General waste – It’s all the usual packages of the things you purchase regularly that are not hazardous.

Green waste – It’s basically food leftovers.

Hard waste – they’re usually construction materials such as soil, concrete, tiles and bricks.

Hazardous waste – these are sharp, chemical and flammable materials such as oil, knives and damaged gardening equipment

By learning to segregate your trash, hazardous waste will be handled with extra care, green ones can be used as fertilisers and general waste will be properly disposed of.

A skip bin hire has provided many residents and business owners the convenience they need to when it comes to garbage disposal. Visit Brisbane Skip Bin Hire’s website and find the perfect size for your home or business today!