If the water pipes are old and need to be upgraded, do not hesitate in changing them. In addition, if the water hose in the garden is worn out, investing in new ones will save a lot water from being leaked.

Recycle water

Try to use water that leaks from the air condition outlet for cleaning the pavement or washing the car or even watering the plants. Recycling water is one of the best ways to save water. Recycled water is not for consumption but for external uses.

Rain water harvesting

Rain water can be saved in water tanks. Use this water in the gardens, cleaning the garage or washing your bike. Rain water harvesting is a tried and tested method of saving water. However, you need to invest in 5000 Gallon water tank to save enough water during the rainy season

Water sprinklers

If you have a big garden, you would want to invest in a water sprinkler as it reduces your job by half. However, if not monitored, water sprinklers can cause huge wastage of water. Therefore, ensure that you automate the water sprinkler in such a way that there is no unnecessary water wastage.

Upgrade toilets

A lot of water gets wasted in the old toilets. Upgrade the toilet with low flow and dual flush fixtures so that water is used effectively.

Be conscious

In the end, your contribution depends on how careful you are about wasting water. Ensure that the water running from the tap is thin while you are brushing. Check if the taps are properly closed in the bathroom before you exit. These little things can help you conserve water.

Conserve Water at Home