You receive many brochures or leaflets everyday either in your mail or the daily newspaper or simply when you are out on the road. If you are a professional and want to have a flyer of your own, you have to make sure that it stands out from the rest. It has to grab the attention of the receiver and compel him to read it.

The Purpose

If you are having a flyer printed obviously you either want to sell something or you may want to let people know about an event. It would help to put down the information you want to convey on paper and decide the target the information at. The design and look of the flyer would depend on the purpose it is being printed for.

Having a flowery decorative print for a machinery business or a rock and roll band won’t work. Conversely having a symmetrical, text and design for a florist or art school will not convey the right message. The font, the colour scheme, the design all should be suited to your purpose.

The design

Keep the design simple. People do not have time to read lengthy stories on this marketing tool. They will also not stop to look for the message in a flyer which is overcrowded by graphics and designs. Although it is important to have a look suited to the purpose, overdoing it can backfire.

Having too many flowers on a florists’ leaflet, or showing too many products on a flyer for a store can overshadow your message and the very purpose for which you are having the broacher printed would be defeated.

Do you need a marketing strategy? Use a trade show display aside from distributing flyers or brochures as this will give your business a good impact.

Tips for Creating an Impressive Flyer