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Install a New Flat Screen TV at Home

Flat Screen TV at Home

Time and again it is said that the best place for a flat screen TV is up on the wall. But here too, you need to be careful exactly where you put it up. A flat screen placed over a fireplace looks amazingly beautiful, and whoever came up with the idea deserves both bouquets and brickbats! For a fireplace is not the ideal place to hang a TV. The heat generated from the burning wood can play havoc with all the electrical circuits and wires and cause your TV to overheat and even cause an electrical failure. Once again, we would recommend asking a Digital TV Antenna Installations expert for help in this regard. They would be able to advise you well on which area is the best for fixing the TV.

Once you have chosen your spot, make sure you follow instructions and install the TV the right way using correctly fitting brackets, and strong nails. If you are not sure of doing it yourself, call up a Digital TV Antenna Installers expert and have them fix your TV correctly so that you have no worries the next time you switch on the set to watch something. Have a blast enjoying the show!

Flat screen TV and the risk to small children

Thousands of small kids get injured world over when they try to grab or play with the flat screen TV, and it tips over. The important thing to understand here is that the way the flat screen TV is built; all the weight of the equipment is concentrated on the top half of the TV. The base, even though it looks sturdy, is actually not so. And even a little wayward force can cause the TV to fall over if it is not anchored properly.