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Tips for Choosing a Fishing Charter

Fishing Charter

If you want to go fishing, you could go learn how to fish. Or, if you are ready to pay, you could hire fishing charters. But, like anything else, before you book, make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Once in the boat, there is little you can do but go along.

The Price

If the price quoted for a charter sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Check the credentials and license of the captain. Ask if the captain is a member of the local guides association; if he is not, find out why. Tell the agent that you are on a budget and ask about any hidden or extra costs. You should be certain about the total amount you will pay and the services you will get in return.


Word of mouth is a tried and tested way of choosing the best fishing charter. You can also research online or you can talk to other tourists who may have been on a trip. The fishing charter company may not necessarily be at fault in any untoward incident. If the situation has been dealt with quickly and satisfactorily, the company is probably good.

The Crew

When you charter a boat for fishing, you should check out the amenities available onboard. But even if you get a boat which promises a lot, it is the captain who runs it. Talk to the captain and check his license. Find out how he deals with the crew on board.

Go check out International Game Fish Association for more information!

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