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Clothing Guide for Tall Women

Clothing Guide

Who is a tall woman? According to style gurus and fashion pundits running the various fashion boutique chains all across the globe, you are tall if you are five feet and ten inches or above. And if the Italian saying of ‘altezza meta bellezza’ is to be believed, you have already won half the battle of being beautiful if you are tall.

The problem is, women who are as tall as those mile high supermodels on the fashion ramp walks, often do not know how to dress up to look inviting. There are accessorising guide for tall women who have yet to learn how to use their height to their advantagde.

Take Pride in Your Height

Just because you are as tall as a lamppost doesn’t mean you always need to turn out in boring flats and ballerinas. Tall women look cool in strappy stilettos and two inch kitten heels. Just don’t wear chunky platforms.

Go Horizontal

The best way to create a symmetrical look for your long vertical silhouette is to break up the height with horizontal stripes, lines, waist length jackets, shoulder details and thick belts in contrasting colours.

If you have a tall and lanky, boyish frame, search for jackets and blazers in Fashion Boutique with a nipped in waist. Outfits with nipped in waists create a very feminine, hourglass figure.

You are safe with A line skirts, A line cocktail dresses and any skirt that flares out a little.

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