Both parents have equal parental duties and responsibilities towards all of their offsprings till the kids turn 18 years of age. Divorce, remarriage or separation does not affect parental responsibilities in any way.

However, some parents who have separated, cannot always agree on parenting arrangements for their kid/s. Under such circumstances, you need legal advice and should hire a family lawyer to appeal to the court of Family Law for issuing parenting orders.

Parenting orders also refer to court approved consent orders reflecting agreements reached between the two warring parties while the case is in progress (in the court of family law).

What are the Different Parenting Orders You Can Apply For?

Parenting orders deal with a variety of circumstances involving either one or many of the following situations according to the Family Law Act of Australia, Section 64 B. You can apply for parenting orders for the people or the parent or the individual with whom the child will live.

Parenting orders also determine how much time a child can spend with the other party/persons.

How you should divide the parental responsibility between you and your ex spouse/other party/other parties, how you should consult and communicate with each other about the shared parental responsibilities, how to arrive at decisions and allocate parental plan are also decided by court orders.

These orders also determine the manner in which the other party/parties can communicate with the child and the amount of child maintenance or child support needed to be paid.

Apply for Parenting Orders