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Even a few minutes of static stretching exercises does a lot of good and enables you to experience relief faster. However, many people agree that static stretches are the best to relax muscles and redefine their movement.

A cool down is just as effective and useful as warm ups, it helps to get rid of waste products from your body and reduces the occurrence of fainting or dizziness that happens due to an intense fitness workouts on exersize equipment. Because you have been pushing yourself, the existence of the hormone adrenalin has spiked and it can be reduced together with steadying your heart rate with a few cool down exercises.

You should tailor your warm up and cool down relative to the main exercise regime. If you decide on a more rigorous workout, then your warm up and cool down should be equally strong so your body feels the impact and you feel its effectiveness.

Keep Up Your Energy

Drinking lots of water is enough for most people but if you need it, have a power snack after your exercise routine. It is important to keep up your energy levels if you want to sustain your routine over a period of time. Adding Body Building Supplements to your daily diet will also help to keep up your energy

Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep a watch on the weather and avoid exercising in extreme conditions like very high or very low temperature and high humidity. These conditions can tire you out easily and the risk of falling ill due to exposure is also high.

Keep a sharp eye on the condition of your body. Watch for signs of dizziness, faintness, cramps, headaches, nausea, or palpitation. Drop your routine and consult a healthcare professional if these signs are severe or persist over a period of time.