Your switch board may not be correctly installed or may be outdated. This may lead to various complications or hazards. It is better to get it checked and upgraded or repaired, as required. Alternatively it may require replacement if it is a fuse wire switchboard. A circuit breaker switchboard is safe and of the latest technology.

Rewiring of electrical circuit

If the wires in our electrical circuit are faulty or old, it might be very risky as they might be prone to failure or damage. Electricians can help with rewiring your electric circuit completely or as many wires as required.

Installing ovens and stoves

Supply and installation of cook tops, ovens and stoves are another service provided by electricians. You might require new ovens or stoves or upgrade or repair existing ones. Safety in the kitchen is essential to ensure your home is risk free.

Installation of security equipment

Electricians can help supply and install safety equipment like burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, intercom systems etc. Custom made design for installation of security equipment is essential to effectively monitor your premises.

Professionally installed and tested smoke detectors are reliable.


It is essential to maintain electrical equipment to avoid the risk of fault. The maintenance activity might be carried out with the purpose of preventing any default or problem, or it might be a regular check to identify any potential errors. Electrician has an experience of carrying out maintenance checks in the most primitive to the latest technological systems. You might want to ask them also if they can install a solar power panels which will be you source of electricity. An equipment that is worth your money.


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Services Provided by Electricians