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eLearning Solutions vs. Classroom Training Set-Up

e learning vs. classroom

Although there are some firms and companies who still prefer the traditional classroom training set up, there are some firms, especially those who run small business which prefers eLearning for their staff training needs. eLearning has been proven to be more effective, not to mention that it also saves a lot of time, effort and resources in the part of the company owner or employer. Let us take a closer look and see why eLearning appears to be better than the traditional classroom setup in training.

Customized imagery and advanced visual tools. Although actual trainers can also provide advanced visual tools, e learning solutions providers have a team of developers who create visual tools in the more advanced level. The training sessions will more likely appeal to the trainers if the visuals speak more, and therefore, learning the things they have to know is much more engaging.

eLearning appeals more to the trainees with slower pace. In eLearning, the trainees are on their own, in a way that they are the ones to access the eLearning content and navigate through it. Not everyone in the training class will have the same paces when it comes to learning, and so eLearning is much more advantageous in a way that the actual trainer doesn’t need to repeat or adjust the speed of training. The trainees themselves can do the adjustments depending on their own learning pace. Furthermore, there are eLearning solutions providers which offer mLearning, or mobile learning, which will allow them to access the eLearning content through their smartphones and other gadgets so they can review the lessons even they are away from the office.

Electronic simulation is easier than messing around with the actual tool. In classroom training, it will be somewhat difficult to teach the staff on how to use a certain computer-based application. In order for them to be familiarized with the tool, they have to have the actual application in front of them. Most classroom training setup uses dummy application for this, with the trainer giving instructions, which is a lot of work. While in eLearning, there is already an electronic simulation, which allows the staff to be familiar with the application without messing up the actual application.

There are certainly more advantages of using eLearning in your training needs, compared to what a classroom training set-up can provide. However, you can also combine these two in your training strategies to acquire a more favorable outcome.