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Domestic Violence – What You Need To Do?

Domestic Violence

If a battered friend or family member requires help or justice, you can refer her to this state agency. You can either contact through the 24 hour helpline 1800 015 188 or call (03) 9322 3555.

If you require real time online counselling, you can dial 1800 RESPECT. You can also contact the National Sexual Assault unit of the Australian Domestic Family Violence Counselling service on 1800 737732. This is a 24/7 free hotline through which you can receive telephone counselling.

Many states and provinces in Australia have similar toll free or paid helplines that you can call to ask for help or for counselling. If you don’t know who to call, then dial the phone number of the nearest police station and report the crime.

Domestic violence and abuse is a widely under reported crime and hundreds of women never muster enough courage to speak up and speak out against the perpetrator of the crimes. Not reporting a crime of this nature or maintaining silence out of fear or social stigma will only encourage your torturer to become bolder and more obnoxious.

You may even have to pay the price by getting killed or by being driven to suicide. Instead of putting up with this nightmarish torture, consult experienced and reputable family lawyers who can fight for your rights and those of your kids.

Contacting a family lawyer is also necessary if you wish to file for a Protective Order or restraining order to keep your partner away from you and the kids.

Domestic violence is a nightmare for every family. This usually leads to divorce.