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How to Apply For Divorce


If you file for joint application, the court will give you and your partner a sealed version of your application along with some literature on divorce and families. In case of sole applications, the court retains your original form and returns two sealed copies of your form and the literature to you.

In case of sole application you must serve the divorce paper and the literature to your partner at least 28 days before the hearing (in case your partner is in the same country). You must serve the papers 42 days prior to the hearing if your partner is based overseas.

Attending the divorce hearing

In case you have made a sole application and both of you have a child under the age of 18 years, you have to compulsorily attend the hearing unless you have valid reason not do so. In case of joint applications it’s not compulsory to attend the court hearing. Hire Divorce Lawyers as they can act on your behalf.

The final ruling

In case your application is successful, the court will rule in your favour and grant a divorce order. This order becomes valid legally exactly one month and one day after it is issued. The court will either send your divorce orders to you or to your divorce lawyers.

Divorce lawyers usually require deeds, credit card accounts statement, statements of bank accounts, prenuptial agreements, mortgage information, car loans, pay stubs, tax returns and marriage certificate along with simple but detailed biographical information about you and your spouse.

One of the reasons why others are filing for divorce is because of domestic violence.